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There are catches to the fossil fuels we have been using for the making of gasoline. First, they are becoming very scarce. Also they produce toxic pollutants, which lead to global warming effects and acid rain.
More and more we learn that ethanol is the answer. First, it can be produced quite simply, from a number of carbohydrates, such as corn mash.
Since corn is plentiful here in the United States, and it looks as though it will continue to be, most agree that turning our abundant supplies into fuel grade ethanol is the answer. Corn mash used to make ethanol burns at high octane and is also clean. Also, approximately 2.8 gallons of ethanol, comes from a bushel of corn.




Referred to as “batch process wet milling” yeast is added to corn mash in a fermenter. This will transform the sugar into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Tests will have to be taken from samples to determine the amount of ethanol and water, and anything that may contaminate the product.
Full instructions on how to turn corn mash into fuel grade ethanol, along with still stills, used in the production of ethanol are widely available for home use. Tax rebates for installing some still are also available. With corn so plenty, tax savings, rebates and money saved, the world looks with great interest in corn mash ethanol production.

Wheat, Corn, Rye, Barley, Milo, Rice, Cattails

Preparation: Grind to a fine meal using a 3/16" screen on a hammermill; add 30 gal. water per bushel.

Additives (Enzymes): Add 3 spoons mash cooking powder* per bushel.

Preboil: Raise temp. to 170 deg F for 15 min.; agitate vigorously.

Cook: Hold at rapid rolling boil for 30 min.

Cool Down: Cool with coil to 170 deg F; add 3 spoons mash cooking powder*; agitate for 30-60 min.

Culture: Reduce temp. to 90 deg F; add 6 spoons mash fermenting powder*; agitate for 10 min.; cover.

Comments: Results: 9% alcohol. Wheat, rye, and barley may cause foaming: Use Low-FoaM** or mix with


Ethanol Team Corn Mash Recipe for Ethanol Distillation

The Low Cost Way to Cheap Fuel

Many cereal grains and fruits, as well as many other materials can be used in the manufacture of ethyl alcohol, or ethanol. One of the most popular is corn. Our corn mash recipe details one of the simplest means of making fuel grade ethanol using corn.

Our recipe includes detailed description of every step, and includes: 'Fermentation and Distillation Basics', and well as 'how and why' of iodine testing. You will also receive helpful 'Yeast Notes' to make your ethanol fuel production process from your Ethanol Team ethanol still a positive experience.

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